Welcome to The Irrelevant Actor, the podcast where we discuss the pressures and strains of breaking into an ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-demanding industry, and how we might, maybe, one day, become relevant.


The Irrelevant Actor is a developing platform which strives to forge educational and networking opportunities for every kind of actor, be it through inclusive conversation, live events, or the production of arts-related work and jobs.


Every week, join Amy and an array of inspiring creatives, as they share their advice, solidarity and stories with those pursuing a career in the arts.


Funny and charming, The Irrelevant Actor takes a no-nonsense look at starting out in the industry, offering practical guidance, and laying bare the realities of day-to-day life as a jobbing actor.

Because no matter your position, background or experience, you are just as relevant as any other actor.


Your host

Amy Worthington was already a long-time self-confessed podcast addict when the idea for The Irrelevant Actor occurred to her, during one of the many conversations with her friends about the acting industry, the intense lifestyle of a working actor, and the financial, emotional and physical struggles of getting that Big Break.


Series 1 launched less than a month after its conception, and the show has since drawn great numbers of fascinating, insightful creatives, as well as been featured in a number of high-profile national publications.


What are your unique insights on becoming—and staying—relevant in the acting industry? If you’ve got a great idea for an episode which could benefit a wide variety of our listeners, why not get in touch? You can contact Amy directly at theirrelevantactor@gmail.com, or fill out our quick and easy form.

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Harry Ayer

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Harry is an aspiring actor from Manchester, and a proud member of the NYT. In 2020 he set up his own theatre company, Our Kid Theatre (@ourkidtheatre). We can’t thank him enough for his support.


Kathleen Price

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Kathleen works in theatre and comedy. She is the producer of cabaret-style scratch night Kiss My Scratch (@kissmyscratch), and the engagement producer at Funny Women (@funnywomen). She’s even been a guest on the podcast! We love her.

The  Irrelevant Actor is also supported by Nadja Mathern, Joseph Bennett and Francesca Dell.